The Age of the Online Meeting
ComplianceAugust 25, 2021

The age of the online meeting

Online video conferencing has proven to be an invaluable work tool during the recent coronavirus pandemic.

Businesses use virtual conferencing to communicate with customers, suppliers, manufacturers, and remote employees around the world. Teachers of all grade levels utilize online meeting platforms in order to continue to teach during lockdowns and periods of pandemic-related isolation.

Virtual meeting technology has come a long way since 1964, when AT&T presented the idea of the video conference at the World Fair. The concept then was that two television monitors were hardwired to each other to allow video communication – a far cry from our current selection of broadband based platforms such as GoToMeeting, Google Meet, and Zoom; nevertheless, the concept was established.

According to the WIRED UK, Zoom alone added 2.22 million monthly active users in 2020. It is clear that online conferencing stepped in to fill a major area of need for businesses assessing their options during the global crisis. Per UC Today, conferencing solutions like Zoom enable enterprises to cut travel costs by around 30% while 92% of B2B marketers used such solutions in their core operations amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.1

As with any technology, there are cons to consider as well. Internet is not widely available to all people, even here in the United States of America; this became very apparent when schools first shut down in March 2020 – many students lacked computer access or internet availability in their home. Hackers, another area of concern, have caused some issues, prompting app developers to create ever more security solutions. Broadband infrastructure is being built and bugs remedied daily, but this is still a burgeoning space and there is always the possibility of tech issues.

The use of online conferencing is expected to continue to grow in popularity between now and 2028, according to Fortune Business Insights.2 With expanding broadband access and ever developing processing speeds, such growth is understandable for a tool that defies distance and connects us through learning, communication, and industry.

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