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Accelerate healthcare outcomes with data quality

Discover how data quality impacts healthcare outcomes in this on-demand webinar.

In an age where data serves as the heartbeat of healthcare innovation, ensuring its quality is not just a requirement—it's a mission. The integrity of healthcare data significantly influences patient care, decision-making, and overall healthcare outcomes. Recognizing this critical priority, we have partnered with Innovaccer to bring to you an on-demand webinar titled "Data Quality and its Impact on Healthcare Outcomes."

Learn the importance of data quality in healthcare

Featuring a panel of experts from Innovaccer and Wolters Kluwer Health Language, this webinar dives deep into the challenges and solutions surrounding healthcare data quality. You’ll gain knowledge and insights on enhancing data quality within your organization so that it can be leveraged for better health outcomes.

Key takeaways

  • Real-World Applications: Understand through the case study of Mrs. Harrington, a 63-year-old patient with complex medical history, how data quality directly impacts patient care.
  • Dimensions of Data Quality: Gain insights into the six key dimensions of data quality—completeness, conformity, consistency, duplicacy, timeliness, accuracy—and why they matter.
  • Challenges in Healthcare Data: Address the diverse representations of healthcare data and how they add to the complexity and challenges of deriving meaningful insights.
  • Innovative Solutions: Discover Innovaccer's Data Quality Framework for End-to-End Validation and Monitoring and how the Health Language platform transforms disparate healthcare information into accurate, reliable data.

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