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ComplianceJuly 22, 2022

6 signs you are ready for BowTieXP Enterprise

BowTieXP Enterprise is the big brother of BowTieXP. This outstanding member of the Bowtie Suite family is a web-based solution that integrates and centralizes all your bowtie-based risk data. It consolidates your bowties and connects risk data into a unified and advanced barrier-based management system, which  provides you with up-to-date information to make risk-based decisions. 

The fundamental difference between BowTieXP and BowTieXP Enterprise is in how data is shared. Users of BowTieXP work in an offline desktop application as separated individuals. They can only share data by manually importing and exporting files they have created. Contrastingly, users of BowTieXP Enterprise work in an online application; they all share risk data in a central repository that any user with the proper permissions can access.

As BowTieXP user, how do you know if you are ready to move to the advanced risk managing solution that BowTieXP Enterprise offers?  Here are six signs that indicate you are ready to start that journey.

1 - You have a mature set of bowties

The number one requisite to move from BowTieXP to BowTieXP Enterprise is to have well-developed bowties with relevant risk-related information that you can share with the rest of your organization.

Before moving to BowTieXP Enterprise, you need to be familiar with the bowtie methodology and know how to apply it to your process. Besides that, you should have implemented BowTieXP to create not only bowties that display the safety barriers, but also add reference data or management systems to maintain healthy barriers. BowtieXP is a gateway and a must-have tool for using BowTieXP Enterprise.

Once the users of BowTieXP have created and populated their bowties with all necessary risk data, they are ready to integrate their risk management PDCA cycle with BowTieXP Enterprise.

2 - Integrating and sharing bowties across your organization is labor-intensive

Sometimes you have already done an excellent job gathering risk information and building bowties with relevant barrier information. However, you still have the information scattered in several BowTieXP desktop applications, and you would need to spend hours importing and exporting many bowties and Excel files to consolidate everything in a single location.

In these circumstances, BowTieXP Enterprise is the way to go. By loading all data in a central database, you don’t need to exchange files with your colleagues anymore; all data is available online at the same place and at any time. This feature of BowTieXP Enterprise helps you save a significant amount of time and focus on what is important.

3 - Business units in your organization manage risk locally and don’t share risk information

The main advantage of BowTieXP Enterprise over BowTieXP is the possibility of pulling all information into a central database. You can use this feature for several purposes like standardizing safety practices across business units in different locations, sharing incident data to prevent a recurrence, or having a global overview of risk to make risk-based decisions.
If your organization is large and there is limited safety information exchanged between the different locations or departments, getting BowTieXP Enterprise will enable you to integrate the safety approach and unify your risk management approach.

4 - You want to expand the range of people who have access to bowties in your organization

As you use BowTieXP to map out the risk associated with your operation, it is expected that you’d want to expand the number of people who access bowties. Once you have visualized and understood risk, it is natural that you want to communicate it to other members of your organization. That’s when BowTieXP Enterprise can be of great help. 

With BowTieXP Enterprise, you can make that information available online for anyone ─just a few clicks in your browser and you can visualize any bowtie made by a safety expert in your organization. While BowTieXP enables you to create bowties easily, BowTieXP Enterprise allows you to show them massively. Therefore, BowTieXP Enterprise plays a crucial role in communicating risk and maintaining safety awareness.

5 - Gathering and sharing safety management system is time consuming

BowTieXP Enterpirse provides access to a wide range of users to collect information and keep track of your safety management system; status of maintenance activities, review of procedures, incident registers and follow-up of incident recommendations are among the systems that can be tracked and kept up to date. Using BowTieXP for such a task would require one single user to collect and merge all data in a single file. That may be possible in a small company, but in a medium or large one, it would take tremendous time and effort.

6 - Notifying and keeping track of safety-related actions is cumbersome

One great feature of BowTieXP is that you can create short-term actions with a corresponding due date and an accountable person. You can share that information manually via bowtie files or reports made in Microsoft Word and Excel.

But in some cases, exchanging Word or Excel files could be unpractical for your organization ─ particularly in a large company─ and you require a simple way of sending and receiving notifications when actions have been assigned and completed.

In that situation, BowTieXP Enterprise is your next move. This software simplifies and automates sending reminders and notification emails for safety-related activities. For example, suppose a barrier needs to be audited. BowTieXP Enterprise will send a notification to the accountable person, and when he has completed the action, the audit result will show automatically in the bowties associated.

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