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From receipt and document scanning apps to bookkeeping, accounts production and tax returns, we can provide you with a complete, seamless end-to-end accounting experience.

Efficient and controlled workflow

Efficient controlled workflow

Have full control over the document flow and invoices with the Basecone workflow. You or your client can manage invoices, avoiding making payments without approval.

Real-time document scanning

Real-time document scanning

Using OCR technology with Basecone, receipts and invoices are processed in real-time and visible immediately in your bookkeeping package, eliminating any waiting.

Real-time informed decisions

Real-time informed decisions

Our online bookkeeping software Twinfield connects to bank accounts, delivering real-time data that's automatically updated for live, full visibility of your financial position.

Quickly customise final accounts

Customise final accounts

Custom styles can be quickly applied without changing the underlying accounts formats, so you can use an existing house style and make special modifications for individual clients.

Reduce manual data entry

Reduce manual data entry

Online bookkeeping products like Twinfield automatically file all the bank transactions. With Basecone you no longer need to ask for invoices or receipts, clients can simply scan and upload these directly. All reducing the risk of error and increasing efficiency.

Multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency

World-class accounting

Twinfield facilitates easy cross-border trading with multi-company, multi-language and multi-currency. Easily see a company’s financial position in the currency of choice, as well as produce international group reports in the designated reporting currency.

Support multiple bookkeeping solutions

Easily import client data

Multiple bookkeeping solutions are no problem with CCH OneClick Open Integration. Review financials from multiple sources, produce accounts, management reports and file reports. Access transactional data as well as make adjustments - all in one place.

Produce fully compliant final accounts every time

Accounting compliance

Fully compliant final accounts every time - with FRS 102 for all company sizes, with regular compliance updates issued promptly, giving you the confidence to produce accounts satisfying statutory and legal requirements.

Scan your receipts and documents straight into your bookkeeping software with Basecone

Basecone automatically digitises document data, such as receipts or invoices straight into Twinfield or Xero in real time. Documents can be uploaded, reviewed, approved – with a simple swipe motion on your device – and booked into connected accounting systems quickly and easily.

With Twinfield and Basecone working together you can drill-down from any report into the original transaction, scanned document or invoice.

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Easily manage a broad range of businesses with Twinfield online accounting software

Our powerful online accounting software Twinfield has the scope to support both small and larger organisations with multiple sites or companies working in different currencies.

Twinfield easily manages all accounting functions from invoicing to management accounting. Twinfield also integrates seamlessly with CCH Accounts Production to deliver a complete, end-to-end solution eliminating the need to rekey data to produce annual accounts.

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You can use your existing bookkeeping software with CCH OneClick

Our Open Integration technology in CCH OneClick allows you to connect and easily import client data from products like Sage, Quickbooks and Xero. If you’re an accountant working in practice you can now view all your client’s bookkeeping data in one place on the advisors dashboard. You can even post back adjusted data into your client’s online accounting solution.

Open Integration also enables the efficient transfer of financial data to and from your clients through our CCH Central suite and HMRC for Making Tax Digital (MTD) quarterly reporting.

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Open Integration within CCH OneClick - link directly to a wide range of bookkeeping systems
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Open Integration within CCH OneClick - link directly to a wide range of bookkeeping systems

Make your accounts production processes efficient and profitable with CCH Accounts Production

Using CCH Accounts Production, you can automate key processes, saving you valuable time to focus on opportunities for new business and adding real value to your client relationships.

With the help of additional software, you can keep an up-to-date and accurate record of your fixed assets and automate your depreciation calculations, as well as store and manage the working papers for each business.
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Quick and easy iXBRL tagging

If you’re not using our CCH Accounts Production software for tagging then our CCH iXBRL Review and Tag allows you to tag to accounts created in Microsoft Word or Excel.
A traffic light system details which account data can be tagged automatically and an exceptions report highlights any errors which would mean a submission being rejected. To help you speed up the process, tagged accounts from a previous year can be used as a template for the current year - all allowing you to reduce filing errors and work quickly.
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CCH iXBRL Review and Tag

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