CCH Corporation Tax Software

Comprehensive, flexible and efficient corporation tax software for all the most common corporation tax return types including CT600.


Fast, efficient and accurate

CCH Corporation Tax return software is designed for ease of navigation and speed of data entry, eliminating re-keying and reducing errors. Deal with compliance and planning quickly, efficiently and accurately.


Integrated accounting

A dynamic link handles the attachment of iXBRL accounts produced by CCH Accounts Production or these can be imported from third-party accounting systems.


Comprehensive computations

CCH Corporation Tax CT600 software produces high quality, fully cross-referenced corporation tax computations, CT600 forms and a variety of additional reports. Hyperlinks within the reports make it easier to review the computations, which can be exported to Microsoft Excel.


Errors and exception reporting

Display a list of inconsistent or incomplete information, updated in real-time and prevent filing until errors are corrected. To correct mistakes and finalise the return, simply drill-down from the panel to each error.


iXBRL filing

Uses the HMRC schema validation framework for validating and filing computations and returns. The ‘Test in Live’ function pre-validates before final submission, saving time and frustration of repeated submissions.


Loss utilisation

The Loss Planner uses system-calculated maximum values available against other sources. To make planning easier, information is displayed in an intuitive loss utilisation grid.


Deal with a wide range of returns

CT600 software designed to deal with the most common corporation tax return types including CT600 forms. At the same time offering the flexibility and functionality of more expensive systems in a cost-effective package.


An integrated suite

CCH Corporation Tax return software is integrated with and shares data through CCH Central, making it possible for you to report, access and use tax, accounting and practice management information across the entire practice.


Check the online filing status of all your corporation tax clients

Quickly identify the status of each data entry screen – completed or reviewed – from the Data Navigator. Check the filing status of all corporation tax clients directly from your own home page in CCH Central.



Eliminate e-filing errors with the ‘Test in Live’ function

The Test in Live function, which uses the highest quality pre-validation routines, provides extra assurance that the computation, return and iXBRL accounts will be accepted. By thoroughly checking the data before attempting to file, the software saves time and eliminates the frustration of repeated e-filing rejections.



Simplify loss planning with the loss utilisation grid

The Loss Planner uses system calculated maximum values available against other sources and displays information in the loss utilisation grid to make planning easier.

“We have the comfort of knowing that we’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s on corporation tax.”

Kevin Thomas, Director, Rickard Luckin