Save time and boost confidence

Save time and boost confidence

CCH Return Review saves time, reduces risk of errors and provides assurance that a complete review has been undertaken.

Results can be tailored to your needs with many user defined options

Issue highlighting

A wide range of potential issues can be highlighted, and the results can be tailored to your needs with many user defined options.

Generate interactive reports highlighting inconsistencies

Interactive reporting

Generate interactive reports highlighting inconsistencies in current and previous year’s data without having to comb through pages and pages of information.

Simple to use

Data drill-down

Drill-down through hyperlinks into any item in your reports to the relevant data entry screen, giving quick access to update or correct items when required.

Create review reminders or notes to colleagues

Create review notes

Review notes can be added within the software allowing you to add reminders or notes to colleagues. Check boxes allow you to indicate if an item has been reviewed.

Security features

Security features

Task permissions are available to restrict access to the Review Reports or to functions within CCH Return Review.

Tax software integration

Tax software integration

Alongside our CCH Personal Tax software CCH Return Review will help automate the review of tax returns prior to their release to clients helping you quickly assess the accuracy of a client’s Tax Return.

Reduce risk

Reduce risk

Alleviate risk and reduce bottlenecks around your firm’s personal tax approval process. Reduce the risk of sending incomplete or inaccurate returns to your clients by automating the review process.

“There are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong but the software helps us pick them all up when we do the review. It’s definitely a very useful tool for minimising risk.”


Alan Rumble, Senior Business Adviser Tax, PKF

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