KPI Monitoring Services

Key performance indicatiors have become synonymous with modern day business.
At Wolters Kluwer we have understood the importance of these within accounting and have created the ultimate kpi monitoring services.
These not only focus on a unique kpi accounting, as well as those for more broad industries.

Automate redundant, repetitive tasks currently done manually. Take control with real-time access to your practice’s success indicators and performance tracking.

Minimise risk

Minimise risk

This ‘virtual admin assistant’ monitors your entire CCH Central suite database and automatically alerts you or sends reports when pre-defined 'alert' conditions are met. 
Find out about situations while you can still address them, and before they become problems. 

Easy setup and maintenance

Easy setup and maintenance

‘Exception’ alerts and business rules are easy and simple to set up and edit so you’re informed, by email or text, when something has happened or is about to happen. Alerts can come from the entire CCH Central software suite, including tax, accounts and practice management.

Automatically generate reports

Exception reporting

Automatically generate a report to attach to the alert email leaving your team free from manually running and distributing reports, chasing timesheets or checking information. Using automated tools like CCH KPI Monitoring also reduces the risk of human error.

Distribution lists

Distribution lists

Alerts can be sent by email to any number of individuals within, or outside, the practice. These alerts could inform you when timesheets are overdue or when a WIP is about to go over the quoted time. Keep up-to-date with what’s happening in, or out of, the office. 

Alerts cloud databases

Cloud database alerts

CCH KPI Monitoring has a new browser-based interface with the ability to alert on your cloud databases. It identifies and informs you when something has happened,
or is about to happen, from both your cloud and on-premise databases.

Practice productivity

Practice productivity

Key performance indicators like timesheets or WIP are inherent in managing your productivity levels. Information held in CCH Practice Management can be used to report on WIP, debtor days, billing, timesheets, and much more.

Works with CCH Personal Tax

Tax reporting

Using information held in CCH Personal Tax, CCH KPI Monitoring software can report on tax return status for individual clients or across your firm's client base; compliance deadlines, tax return approval, and final submissions and more.

Works with CCH Accounts Production

Accounts reporting 

Using CCH KPI Monitoring with CCH Accounts Production, you can report on the receipt of client records, the progress of accounts, final approval and other targets and triggers - highlighting any potential issues before the accounts are finalised.

New browser-based interface with cloud capabilities 

Working as a ‘virtual admin assistant’, CCH KPI Monitoring monitors your cloud and on-premise databases 24/7 and automatically creates alerts or sends reports when predefined conditions are met. This tool grants you access to real-time automated business information. 

It constantly looks for critical, time-sensitive information that needs attention. It then communicates this vital information to the relevant people via the most appropriate delivery methods

CCH KPI Monitoring monitors your practice, so you don't have to

  • It provides actionable insights that help you to make better-informed business decisions.
  • It minimises risks and identifies issues before they become problems.
  • It transforms how efficiently you can operate with access to real-time information
  • It ensures data is available wherever you are. Partners and staff can keep in touch with how the business is performing whether in the office or out visiting clients.

Make informed business decisions and have complete control with real-time access to your practice’s success indicators and performance tracking by using CCH KPI Monitoring software for KPI accounting.

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