Simple to use

Simple to use

iXBRL tags are automatically applied to figures in columns and to text. Tags can be added manually, reviewed and changed with simple drag and drop functionality.

Supports all published taxonomies for UK & Ireland

Supports all published taxonomies for UK & Ireland

Load sector-specific taxonomies and extensions, including banking, insurance and charities.

Reduce filing errors

Reduce filing errors

Includes automated tag validation as well as key tags that are missing or incorrect.


Keep existing procedures

Accounts can still be provided in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel format.

Flexible with other software - file online

Flexible with other software

Produces a standard iXBRL accounts file that can be filed online using CCH Corporation Tax or third-party software, including HMRC’s own free system.

File accounts online with Companies House

File accounts online with Companies House

CCH iXBRL Review & Tag has an optional module that allows you to file iXBRL accounts direct with Companies House.

Get started quickly

Start quickly

Requires very little training, so you can be up and running almost immediately.

Secure data


Eliminates the need to send client accounts data to a third-party for processing.

Speed up iXBRL tagging

Whether you’re an accountant working in practice or in a company, CCH iXBRL Review & Tag can help you quickly and efficiently add iXBRL tagging to your account documents.
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CCH iXBRL Review and Tag

Traffic light system and exception reports speed up tagging

With the traffic light system, you can see which account data can be tagged automatically. The exception report at the bottom of the screen highlights any error which would mean a submission being rejected.

Simple tree list helping you to keep your place

Available tags are displayed on-screen in a simple tree list that can be expanded, collapsed and searched.

Use previous accounts as a template

To help you speed up the process, tagged accounts from a previous year can be used as a template for the current year. A full list of missing tags is displayed at the bottom of the screen and these can be dragged across from the tag list and dropped straight onto the accounts. The same function can be used to automatically tag closely related accounts, like groups.

“The tagged files produced by Wolters Kluwer’s software are so good they look like a print preview of the original accounts.”


Paul Edwards, IT Manager, Saffery Champness

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“The review facilities in CCH iXBRL Review & Tag really impressed us, the fact that you could see exactly which tag had been applied just by hovering over an item in the accounts. Also the use of different colours for different years is helpful, because you can easily compare prior and current year figures.”


Julie Brown, Group Reporting Manager, Pilkington

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