CCH OneClick LCA

CCH OneClick is a secure set of cloud tools, accessed in one place and fully integrated with CCH Central so you can connect, communicate and collaborate with clients – any time, anywhere, on any device!

Advisor and client workspaces are connected so you truly collaborate, in a secure way, for messaging and document exchange. Your practice has a single place where you can manage all client communications, and clients have their own document centre for instant access to all their important documents. Collaboration is cloud-based. Access is 24/7.

Proactively support compliance processes while being GDPR-compliant and MTD-ready.

For advisors

  • Manage all client communication in one place
  • Never send documents to the wrong client

  • See your workload and deadlines at a glance

  • See all clients’ data whatever their choice of bookkeeping solution

  • A single, end-to-end MTD solution

  • Remain GDPR-compliant

For clients

  • Access information anytime, anywhere, including past returns
  • See their upcoming tasks and progress on a clear timeline
  • Share sensitive information or approved documents via their mobile devices
  • Collaborate with you in real time
  • Remain GDPR-compliant

Bringing people and information together in an entirely new way

CCH OneClick breaks down the barriers between online and on-premise systems, making life easier for you and your clients. Never send messages to the wrong contact, see approval statuses at a glance, share data on the move and collaborate in real time.

Watch our short video to find out more.

CCH OneClick Supports the Move to Digitalisation
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CCH OneClick Supports the Move to Digitalisation

CCH Open Integration

CCH Open Integration functionality enables the efficient transfer of financial data to and from your clients through our CCH Central suite and HMRC for Making Tax Digital (MTD) quarterly reporting. It allows you to easily import client data from products like Sage, Quickbooks, Xero and many more.

  • Import data from multiple online sources as well as CSV files
  • Post back adjusted data into your client’s online accounting solution
  • Easily import transaction level financial data, so you don’t need to retype
  • See all of your clients’ businesses in one place

Watch this short video to see how CCH OneClick brings information together into a single database with a single set of reporting tools for advisory work and quarterly MTD reporting.

Open Integration within CCH OneClick - link directly to a wide range of bookkeeping systems
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Open Integration within CCH OneClick - link directly to a wide range of bookkeeping systems

Making Tax Digital

From understanding which of your clients are ready for the transition, identifying the tasks you and your clients need to complete, to submitting your clients, CCH OneClick cloud accounting software provides you with an end-to-end Making Tax Digital (MTD) solution.

  • Intelligent, user friendly, quarterly reporting solution with seamless integration to CCH Central
  • A consistent process for MTD, regardless of your clients’ bookkeeping package
  • Easily understand which of your clients are ready for the transition to MTD
  • MTD Timeline provides a single, holistic view of all practice and client MTD tasks and deadlines
  • See at a glance what tasks are due to be completed when and by who, and mark tasks as complete

Making Tax Digital for VAT

Watch how CCH OneClick can help you with the MTD for VAT Process including:

  • How to make submissions with the CCH Central suite and CCH OneClick
  • Where you create the return and filing to HMRC
  • Tracking and monitoring clients who have or haven’t paid their VAT bill
Product Showcase of CCH Central and CCH OneClick for Making Tax Digital for VAT
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Product Showcase of CCH Central and CCH OneClick - Making Tax Digital for VAT, with AccountingWeb

Secure Document Exchange and Approval

A single, secure and intuitive environment for client communication. Using the latest secure encryption standards, CCH OneClick allows your clients to view documents from wherever they are and from any device.

  • Fully integrated with CCH Central, removing the risk of sending documents or emails to the wrong person
  • Documents, including final accounts, tax returns, statements and bills, can be sent to clients for approval or rejection
  • See the status of all outstanding approval requests in real time
  • Clients can initiate communications with you on information requests
  • Documents will no longer get ‘lost’ in someone’s inbox
  • Only acceptable files can be uploaded. For example, executable files cannot be exchanged
  • Scans all documents during the upload process
CCH OneClick - Easy document approval process
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CCH OneClick - Easy document approval process

Digital Data Collection

Digital Data Request

A mobile app, available to your clients to see what information you’ve requested to help assist with the completion of their tax return.

  • Presents your clients with a list of income sources where they need to provide data
  • Clients can upload requested information quickly and efficiently from their mobile, available to you in real-time
  • A single place for you to view all client and HMRC data captured together with the ability to review and populate the tax system
CCH OneClick - Digital Data Request
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CCH OneClick - Digital Data Request

Digital Data Review

An area within your CCH OneClick workspace where you can review and see all the tax data that your clients have sent you digitally, along with the data HMRC already hold on your clients’ behalf in their Digital Tax Account (DTA).

  • Data sent to you by your clients (using the Digital Data Request app) will be available to view within the Digital Data Review screen
  • Commit reviewed data to CCH Personal Tax for even greater efficiencies, by removing the need for manual data entry (coming soon)

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