Contract review has been too manual for too long

As contracts grow in number and complexity, legal teams are under increasing pressure to protect their organization against risk. We built Legisway Analyzer to solve this problem. From day-to-day legal contract AI analysis to large volume document review for business or regulatory reasons, Legisway Analyzer can help.

Thanks to the AI capabilities of Legisway Analyzer, lawyers can seamlessly leverage unique AI technology and deep learning capabilities to automate contract indexing, streamline, and simplify their tasks, by resolving critical pain points in the contract management lifecycle.

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With AI integrated in Legisway, you can:


Deliver work in a timely manner by analysing up to 30 contracts simultaneously (and even up to 10,000 contracts at once with the mass import option)


Improve the quality of service thanks to higher data accuracy while reducing costs


Keep track of contractual obligations and mitigate risks across contract processes

How does Legisway Analyzer work?

  • Step 1: Upload and run the analysis for several contracts simultaneously in Legisway Analyzer
  • Step 2: Legisway Analyzer automatically find and extract key information (like contracting parties, effective date, duration, contract family… Together with our experts, you can define the data points you would like to extract for each type of contract)
  • Step 3: Only check the data found and integrate it into Legisway with a single click
Contract auditing has never been faster
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NEW - Unlock the power of contract auditing with Legisway Analyzer's new feature. Simply ask any question in natural language, and our advanced AI will effortlessly extract the precise clauses from your contracts to provide instant answers.

Elevate your contract knowledge by continuously enriching it with additional questions over time! Say goodbye to costly external reviews for large-scale contracts. Let Legisway handle the bulk analysis, saving you time and resources.
Bring confidence to your contract review


Legisway Analyzer is built on a massive language model, so you’ll benefit from its knowledge processing 1M+ contracts, within minutes of using the platform.


The validation process enables you to keep control and feed the AI's continuous learning process, making it smarter and better able to adapt to your needs.


Legisway Analyzer has already been trained on 20+ languages and continues to be trained on more


There is no limit to the types of documents that Legisway Analyzer can analyse, for example NDAs, leases, employment contracts and so on.


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How artificial intelligence is revolutionising the daily work of legal departments

  • > In-depth look at specific use cases for AI in contract management
  • > Understanding how AI is changing the game for your legal department's contract management processes
  • > Learn how you can leverage this technology to increase efficiency and accuracy, reduce manual workload and improve decision-making capabilities.

Ready to see what Legisway and AI can do for your legal department? 

Let our product experts help you find your best fit Legisway solution!

Where does the presentation take place?

Currently all presentations take place online.All you need is a computer, laptop or tablet with an internet connection and a headset. You can also establish an audio connection by telephone.

When does the presentation take place?

We will contact you within 48 hours for a short discovery call. During the call we’ll go through your requirements. We would be happy to organise the presentation at a time that suits you best. All you have to do is tell us your preferred date.

How long is the presentation?

A demonstration can last between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours, depending on your needs. We are also happy to meet your time requirements.

Do I have to buy the software after seeing it?

Not at all. We are happy to show you, without any obligation, how the software works and answer all your questions.

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