Does your Legal Department have control over its data and risks?

Download the brochure to learn how Legisway Essentials can help you discover how this solution can simplify your legal information management and help you stay on top of important tasks. This brochure provides in-depth information about the following:

  • Store your legal information and documents in one easy-to-access location.
  • Find what you need quickly and easily with powerful search capabilities.
  • Make key information from lengthy documents more visible.
  • Boost productivity with add-ons like e-signature and document automation.
  • Share information with select departments using permission-based access.
  • Generate detailed reports and charts to keep your team informed.
  • Manage risk more effectively by setting reminders and alerts.

Download the brochure now to learn more about how Legisway Essentials can simplify your legal information management.

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