Webinar - Finsit - 25 Feb 2021
Tax & Accounting26 February, 2021

Webinar: Your role as an advisor for post-COVID business growth

Finsit is a new visionary software tool from Wolters Kluwer that will help you take the next step into a clearer financial future.

As clients look to navigate uncertainty in the new normal, they will be relying on you the accountant for real-time, data-rich conversations, as well as advice on the changing compliance and government incentives.

Watch this on-demand webinar with our product experts Phil Thornton, Ben Cunliffe and Charlotte Baldwin as they explore the role that advisory services, and finsit, will play for you and your clients in the post-COVID world. In this webinar you will find out: 

  • why uncertainty is a catalyst to diversify your services
  • how finsit can create an efficient practice built for advisory services
  • the power of business insight and how you can prepare your clients for the future

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