Tax & Accounting08 July, 2024

Customer insights: Allen Sykes turn to Wolters Kluwer to deliver a fully integrated practice system

For decades, accounting practice Allen Sykes was using another software vendor for their practice management. While the software did the job, they had bolted on additional products to their existing accounting software, resulting in an inefficient tech stack, with no central source of truth for their data. 

Their accounting software had become less and less efficient over time, which is why they turned to Wolters Kluwer and the CCH product suite

Download the case study to discover:

  • Which CCH suite products Allen Sykes uses to drive efficiencies for their 2,000 clients
  • How the CCH product suite saved Allen Sykes money and time
  • How Allen Sykes saw a return on their initial investment after making the decision to switch
  • How the Wolters Kluwer team worked with Allen Sykes during their onboarding and migration
  • What the team at Allen Sykes thought of the decision to switch
  • How Allen Sykes achieved an integrated tech stack for their practice management

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