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Tax & Accounting10 July, 2020

Gaining a competitive edge with a digitised trust accounts process

As a trust and estate practitioner, you face simultaneous pressures from two directions. While trust accounting and tax work is becoming more competitive, the obligations on trustees are increasing. Working with a combination of spreadsheets, general-purpose accounting software and a word processor makes these pressures increasingly difficult to manage.

In this article you can find out:

  • how automation can streamline your processes to free up your valuable time
  • the importance of having a single source of client information
  • the benefits of bringing your trust and estate work into a single application
  • why more than 50% of trust and estate returns today are submitted through CCH Trust Tax to HMRC
  • how CCH Trust Accounts can help improve your customer experience

This is a must-read for any trust and estate practitioners carrying out trust and estate work.

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