Legal09 February, 2024

“Kleos offers the flexibility needed to be productive anywhere, anytime.”

When I set up my own office, I didn't have to think long about which system I would choose. Kleos is clear, orderly, and easy to use. Because of all kinds of built-in features, it is a versatile system and confidentiality of files - especially in the legal profession - is paramount. What makes Kleos even more distinctive for me is its innovative nature. Kleos is genuinely open to feedback from users to continuously improve the system. This means that the system grows with the user's needs, which is super valuable.

I also find Kleos to be extremely flexible. With access to Kleos via both the web version and the app, we always have our office information at our fingertips, wherever we are. This integration into my daily work has significantly improved my efficiency. 

In short, Kleos not only provides the necessary functionality for a law firm, but it also focuses on constant innovation and offers the flexibility needed to be productive anywhere, anytime.

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