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Join us for the opening keynote on March 16, 2023 with Maria Montenegro, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Innovation, Wolters Kluwer.

ESG as a team sport: Integrating operational and financial data to move beyond reporting and accelerate ESG performance

ESG is a team sport that is bringing many corporate departments together, connecting people, processes, and technologies that had been disconnected in the past. Leading organizations are moving quickly to bring operational and financial data together to drive ESG reporting, but they are not stopping there. They are breaking siloes to establish a single, integrated view of data that goes beyond reporting and allows them to effectively manage risk and accelerate their ESG performance.

EHS and sustainability professionals can play a pivotal role in leading their organizations’ ESG strategy. In this session, Maria Montenegro, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Innovation for Wolters Kluwer, will provide a deep dive into this imminent reality, and what it means for you, your teams, data management, and digital tools.

She will be joined by Haley Engelberth, Global Sustainability Manager at AGCO Corporation, and Vrushali Gaud, Managing Director, ESG and Sustainability Services at Accenture. Haley and Vrushali will both share their unique experiences and insights on ESG.


  • Maria Montenegro, Senior Vice President of Strategy & Innovation | Wolters Kluwer
  • Vrushali Gaud, Managing Director - ESG and Sustainability Services | Accenture
  • Haley Engelberth, Global Sustainability Manager | AGCO Corp.
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