Today, consumers overwhelmingly seek frictionless and secure digital financial services and prefer remote and contactless lending experiences. With purpose-built eSignature, lenders can provide compliant and auditable digital-first product solutions that deliver unparalleled borrower convenience across the enterprise.

Key features of SmartSign Plus

White-labeled workflow
Customer brand is displayed in the signing room. When embedded, there is no Wolters Kluwer branding.
Access control
Role-based access control
Scalable management of users, groups, roles, and permissions for either large or small organizations.
Guided signing experience
Intuitive and contextual signing room designed to allow signers to sign without requiring supervision.
Document audit
Unified audit trail
Detailed record of all actions performed against the eSign package to act as a legally submissible evidentiary package.
Information security
Integrated eVaulting
Send financial assets and supporting financial documents to the vault; Store other documents elsewhere.
ADA compliant
Product is accessible to those who navigate by voice, screen readers or other assistive technologies.

Deploy Simple, Scalable eSignature

SmartSign™ Plus delivers scalable, turnkey eSignature technology that supports a wide range of customer and internal business scenarios. Purpose-built for easy adoption, SmartSign Plus’ templates simplify eSignature integration across a range of business processes. SmartSign Plus is right-sized for small and mid-sized financial services organizations, providing a single solution for all eSignature use-cases.

Deliver omni-channel signing experiences

With SmartSign™ Plus, deliver convenient digital product experiences that align with your customer’s preferences. Truly omni-channel, SmartSign Plus enables frictionless signing experiences on all digital device types including personal computers, tablets, and mobile devices. With multi-channel support, eSignature can be securely enabled across all customer engagement scenarios – from in-person digital, to remote digital and email.

Simplify contracting & document execution

SmartSign™ Plus includes a full-featured signing room login and workspace. SmartSign Plus’ intuitive and context-rich signing workflow provides an optimized frame of reference, reducing signing experience issues and errors. SmartSign Plus offers a full range of signing experiences – from in-person digital, remote digital, and email - to enable every customer engagement scenarios across the enterprise.

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