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Unifying the care continuum with market-leading solutions

Helping the businesses that support healthcare align teams with reliable information

The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly and there is a pressing need for trusted data and evidence-based solutions to advance care and dispel misinformation. The businesses and health professionals that support healthcare are diverse but share an important role in helping to unify the ecosystem and adapt to these rapid changes in care delivery and consumer needs. Pharmacies, commercial payers, life sciences organizations, and health tech companies are uniquely positioned to drive value-based health goals, support new treatments, and make care delivery more cost-effective. As a large part of meeting these challenges, the technology these organizations use must enable interoperability, allowing users throughout the ecosystem to access content across a multitude of platforms and formats to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness and implement interventions using a proactive approach to population health management.

At Wolters Kluwer, we recognize the importance of unified solutions that accommodate the entire care continuum. To achieve this, we are bringing together our market-leading solutions Lexicomp®, Emmi®, and Digital Health Architect™ under the UpToDate® brand, to sit side-by-side with our Medi-Span® clinical drug data. This will create a fully coordinated suite of offerings for enterprises and healthcare professionals, supporting care teams, partners, and all stakeholders across the ecosystem.

UpToDate® and Medi-Span are two leading brands developed to streamline operations in the pharmacy world, improve member satisfaction for payers, and enhance access to evidence-based content in life sciences and digital health tech companies. Our suite includes clinical decision support (CDS) tools that enable businesses to make decisions that align with the evidence used to prescribe treatment at the point of care. Our solutions can unify teams and connect disparate businesses to drive increased efficiency and improve impact on patients, members, and healthcare consumers.

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Innovating to support the needs of health leaders

We understand the changing healthcare landscape and prioritize delivering innovative solutions that cater to the needs of health industry leaders. We trust that our commitment to innovation will continue to resonate with our customers. Like many of you, Generative AI is a key area of focus for us, and we have developed a vision and mission to ensure that our solutions remain at the forefront of the industry. Our new AI labs, which will soon be available to limited providers, are one component of this strategy. Our goal with this release is to emphasize the power of responsible and accurate AI-assisted healthcare by designing a platform that prioritizes transparency and interpretability, delivering reliable, vetted information for point-of-care decision-making.  

Enhance the value of care in a shifting landscape

With the population aging and healthcare costs on the rise, it's imperative to develop solutions that enhance the value of care. We understand that chronic care management requires personalized education and engagement, and our solutions allow payers to better identify care gaps and implement interventions to enhance outcomes. By unifying clinical content and drug data not only within payer organizations but across the broader health industry, we can achieve better results, efficiency, and cost reduction.

Increasingly, the industry-wide focus on social determinants of health (SDOH) acknowledges the importance of addressing whole-person health and addressing inequities in our system that impact the accessibility and quality of care. The entire healthcare ecosystem must grasp the impact of SDOH and integrate strategies to address these factors into care plans. Population health information, engagement, and data analytics can transform digital healthcare delivery and enhance equitable health outcomes.

A need for trusted content and evidence-based solutions

The healthcare industry is changing. New models of care delivery, consumer demands, AI, and other technologies only heighten the need to unify the care team, integrate and align systems, and build a holistic approach to population health. Pharmacies, health plans, life sciences, and health tech are, in many ways, leading the charge to improve care for patients and consumers, and our solutions enable a unified, enterprise approach that can progress the healthcare industry, deliver cost reduction, and increase satisfaction. We are confident that the unification of our solutions under the UpToDate and Medi-Span brands will help us continue to be a strong partner to the organizations that rely on our vital content, data, and technology solutions.

Together, we can drive change and improve health for everyone.

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Chris Sullivan
Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Segment, Clinical Effectiveness, Wolters Kluwer Health
Christopher Sullivan, MBA, is Vice President and General Manager at Wolters Kluwer Health, Commercial Segment, developing strategies that drive the growth of the UpToDate and Medi-Span clinical decision support solutions.
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