A man looking at a computer, he is syncing up his lien portfolio.
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Portfolio Sync – How you can get a complete view of your lien portfolio

As a lender, one of your job duties includes filing UCC financing statements. How do you keep up with your lien portfolio? Some may use law firms or title companies to file their highest value or most complex filings. Others may file a portion directly with the secretary of state or use multiple third-party providers. However, having filings fragmented this way makes it harder for you to maintain a complete and accurate view of your filing portfolio and to evaluate overall lien portfolio health; and even more difficult to take actions on your UCCs. Now there’s a better way.

Introducing Portfolio Sync

Designed with you in mind, this first-of-its-kind solution will help you mitigate the risks posed by gaps in your filing portfolio by using public records data in a groundbreaking way. With Portfolio Sync, you will have a single view in iLien that presents all of your filings, regardless of how or by whom they were filed. 

The value delivered

  • Accuracy – Portfolio gaps closed for complete portfolio visibility, including outside filings 
  • Peace of mind – Automatic, continuous updates from public records 
  • Risk mitigation – Holistic view of portfolio and filing families for more informed decisions

Download the brochure to learn more. 

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