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Federal Developments Knowledge Center from Wolters Kluwer is designed to keep you informed of important federal legislation and rules that are proposed and enacted by the Executive Administration, Congress and Regulatory Agencies. Keep well informed of the latest federal developments with news and analysis written by Wolters Kluwer’s expert attorney-editors. Stay ahead of change and be able to proactively manage client risks and opportunities. Be ready to act and respond quickly to relevant legislative and regulatory changes via our customizable dashboard.

Simply a better research experience

Federal Developments Knowledge Center provides an easy-to-use, single solution to monitor laws and regulations proposed and enacted under the Administration and Congress allowing you to:

  • Significantly reduce research time through near real-time alerts for legislation, rules and presidential actions, customizable to your interest areas
  • Quickly access source documents from Congress, the Executive Branch, and Federal Agencies
  • Easily discern what proposed and final rules are being released from respective agencies


Get email alerts and track key developments that are important to your practice. Stay informed with Wolters Kluwer’s trusted news alerts. Gain valuable insight on how new legislation, federal rules, and presidential actions will affect your clients, with practice area specific alerts, providing synopsis, impact, and next step analysis written by Wolters Kluwer expert attorney editors. Follow any legislation or rule throughout its lifecycle with our customizable alerting tool.

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