Protect the business & create value with Legisway
Are you managing legal risk the hard way?

The role of Legal is changing. No longer is it solely about helping the company understand the law, drafting legal documents or conducting litigation.

Legal needs to be proactive in managing risks to protect company and shareholder interests. But to fulfill that role, you need a structured way of collecting the legal data to identify, track and report on those risks.

If the data is hidden in contracts on hard drives, policy documents sent by email or manually updated spreadsheets, then it is impossible to effectively assess risks and mitigate them. 

Are you ready to improve the way you manage risk? Stop doing things the hard way, take the Legisway!

Protect the business & create value with Legisway
Legisway enables Legal to manage risk efficiently, combining legal expertise with a structured approach to collecting relevant data. Your dashboard will give you a simple solution to identify legal risks, shape your organization’s appetite towards them, control their impact and report on them.

Identify risks across the business
Get a clear picture of the framework of entities, business units and employees affected by risk. With Legisway, you have an overview of risks across your group companies, organizational units and stakeholders.

Assess risk levels to prioritize key risks
If you need to make sure you’re addressing the most important risks, Legisway allows you to prioritize your actions according to risk levels.

Collect relevant data in a structured way
Collect the facts you need to identify areas of risk according to predefined rules across legal domains: including claims, contracts and compliance. Helpful audit functionality helps you keep track of what was changed when, and by whom. 

Set controls and mitigation according to your risk appetite
Set alerts and reminders for critical events like contract renewals, filing deadlines and compliance policies.

Review and communicate results
Create reports to track your risks and communicate to management teams.

Discover Legisway Essentials
Centralize your legal risk information with Legisway 

 - Identify risk & define mitigating measures across your legal activities - Contracts, Corporate, Claims, Compliance, GDPR, IP Rights & Real Estate - in one repository, to create a "single source of truth"


- Use smart tools like tasks and alerts to stay to stay ahead of deadlines and avoid unnecessary costs


- Run reports to quantify risk, share with stakeholders quickly and securely, and in the event of a crisis, take action quicker.

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