Medi-Span is the leading embedded drug data and automated clinical screening solution, using technology to support clinicians with making better informed medication-related decisions

It is designed to alert clinicians and pharmacists making prescribing and dispensing decisions to information about avoidable medication errors, inappropriate dosing, and adverse events. It also provides the data backbone and vital support to healthcare businesses, like payers, PBMs, wholesalers, and manufacturers in to help expand services, streamline processes, and analyze data.

The amount of data you have to deal with is too much for one healthcare organization. Medi-Span takes the world of drug data and synthesizes it into intelligent databases and integrated tools that can be used throughout your hospital or business to educate, alert, and support faster and better-informed decision-making.

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Industry-leading pricing data and analysis

We have the pricing benchmark data points top industry players use to help remain competitive, analyze the market, and stay on top of trends. Our long-standing industry relationships allow us to deliver new and updated pricing data with unmatched speed. At the same time, we publish our data independently using proprietary editorial policies intended to keep information as unbiased as possible.


Tailor alert control to help increase effectiveness and fight fatigue

Professionals can be overwhelmed by alerts within their EMRs and pharmacy systems. That’s why our customized screening workflows and alert settings are designed specifically to help you address and decrease alert fatigue by organizations or user groups while preserving those notifications you deem most critical to patient safety.


Aligning content and building data unity

In team-based care, conflicting data can create disparities in decisions and communication breakdowns. Medi-Span offers synthesized drug data that can be used across an organization for system building, clinical screening, pricing data, and patient education. This ensures that the entire team receives consistent and complementary information developed using aligned methods, reducing variability and improving communication.

“I’ve come to rely on Medi-Span. It’s the end-all, be-all when it comes to medication data.”

~ Manager of Clinical Systems for RegionalCare Hospitals Partners

Expert insights from Medi-Span

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