Dr. George Tilesch is an expert in artificial intelligence (A.I.), senior executive, and consultant, working primarily in the transatlantic space across sectors and industries, specializing in AI Strategy, Ethics, Impact, Policy, and Governance. He is Founder and President of PHI Institute for Augmented Intelligence with the mission of putting machine intelligence in the service of enhancing the human condition for all. As a global senior executive and strategy consultant, Dr. Tilesch has worked for 25 years with a wide array of actors: government leaders on all continents (EU, the White House,  the U.S. Navy, NASA, Dubai, New-Zealand); for corporations (Microsoft, Ipsos, and other companies from the Fortune 50 Tech list); international organizations and global think tanks (World Economic Forum, Club de Madrid); startups, scaleups and global social innovation leaders. He is the co-author of the 2022 World Economic Forum AI C-Suite Toolkit that is read and implemented worldwide by big enterprise CEOs. Dr. Tilesch is also the co-author of the book, BetweenBrains: Taking Back our AI Future, published in 2020, Dr. Tilesch has American and Hungarian citizenships and is based in Silicon Valley.

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