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Holistic Climate Risk Management: Connecting the dots

On-demand webinar

Date: 4th May 2022

Current regulatory feedback indicates that banks are not meeting expectations and are behind with regards to their climate strategy and the implementation of an ESG risk framework and disclosures.

For many banks, how to approach and execute an adequate climate strategy is an open question. It is a question, though, which should be on top of any bank’s agenda as it will be a driving force for the business in the coming decades. Stakeholder expectations are driving this question far more than the regulatory developments and expectations alone. 

In this webinar, industry experts Sven Ludwig, Senior Advisor & ESG Lead at ifb group, and Frederik Roeland, Director Technology, Wolters Kluwer FRR, consider some of the challenges and strategic approaches that ESG and climate risk management, and the greening of financial markets in general, present.

Agenda outline:

  • Applying ESG as a strategy – where to start and stop
  • Lessons learned and adopting initial practices that can be applied now
  • ESG & Climate strategy, risk appetite and risk management
  • A practical approach to Balance Sheet Management in an ESG world

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