A seamless CCH Tagetik experience utilizing the Power BI technology

cpmVision is an idea of Bas Ranzijn, CCH Tagetik specialist and René Berends, Power BI guru. By combining these two experienced minds cpmVision was born to deliver a seamless CCH Tagetik experience utilizing the Power BI technology, delivering state-of-the-art BI capabilities while retaining the financial intelligence inherent to CCH Tagetik.

With cpmVision you’ll create seamless Power BI dashboards on top of CCH® Tagetik. Experience runtime intercompany eliminations and currency translation, FSTs and hierarchies directly in Power BI!

“We are very happy with the embedded functionalities of cpmVision and the way it works perfectly together with our current CCH® Tagetik environment. By giving both the finance domain and the operations the ability to analyze financial and non-financial data in Power BI we are much more effective in our data analytics roadmap.” Daan Weenink, Global head of Business and Finance Control at Brunel International.

IBCS-certified visualizations of any data coming from CCH Tagetik

cpmVision displays your CCH Tagetik data according the internationally recognized IBCS standards, including the possibility to enter textual comments that explain deviations or trends to the reader.

  • Use FSTs in Power BI without any additional effort
  • Change of parameter instantly refreshes the data
  • Runtime IC eliminations and currency translation
  • Gorgeous visuals according IBCS standards
  • Textual comments to enrich analytical insights
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