Financesjuillet 16, 2019

Un budget, deux âmes. L'approche ascendante du processus budgétaire de Lucart.

Découvrez comment Lucart bénéficie du moteur intégré dans CCH Tagetik pour les coûts et les allocations. Et comment l'outil de reporting accompagne fortement les besoins opérationnels et financiers de Lucart.

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Paper business is basically very fast changing and challenging because of prices trends and market saturation. A modern finance solution should be very fast in order to follow all the market trends in all the finance office. Before CCH Tagetik Lucart was using Excel, then the company has grown outside the italian borders so we need a tool in order to involve all the companies in the budget process through new functionalities like the workflow.

Using CCH Tagetik we deploy in all the countries an application for all the CPM processes instead of custom local applications like before.

The most important aspects are: expertise, customer satisfaction and process knowledge. I really appreciate the built-in and native functionalities like cost allocation, budgeting, ETL, cost production that for us is very important and reporting that is amazing in CCH Tagetik because you can satisfy both financial and operational needs. I really appreciate the possibility to configure the system instead of programming because we want the users in the finance office being able to manage the rules and the configuration of the software without the need of technical skills and IT people. We recommend CCH Tagetik for new customers but also for existing customers as well because there's a lot of new features in the roadmap and a lot of new stuff that can help you boost your processes.
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