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Démo de 2 min : Travailler en mode hors-ligne avec CCH Tagetik

Travailler hors ligne avec CCH Tagetik est intuitif. Les utilisateurs peuvent facilement extraire des documents à compléter hors ligne avec commodité et contrôle.

Working Offline with CCH Tagetik is intuitive and intelligent. Users can easily check out documents to be completed offline with convenience and control.
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Working offline in CCH Tagetik.

Today, I’m working on my operating expense plan for the New York 2019 budget for the accounting cost centre.

Now, I've logged into the Excelfront-end for CCH Tagetik to access my full CCH Tagetik capabilities.

But, make no mistake, this is a very controlled experience.

For example, I can only make changes to the cells in yellow.

My formulas will automatically update.

If I attempt to make changes to any of these non-yellow cells, even the formulas, they're automatically blocked.I can save these changes, and they will load to the CCH Tagetik database.

But now I have an issue: I need to catch a plane, or I need to go to a location with poor internet.

How does CCH Tagetik help me work offline?It couldn't be any more easy or intuitive.

Simply select ‘work offline’ and save a copy of this form to your local drive.Then, I can go ahead and log out of the CCH Tagetik system.

Later on, when I'm on the plane, I can go ahead and open up that form.

Automatically, CCH Tagetik knows it's an offline session.Now, those controls still exist.

Just as you saw before, as I copy or change these values,the formula automatically updates.

But, if I attempt to change any of the values that aren't yellow, they're protected, and I'm blocked.

I do have, for example, limited spreading capabilities and the ability to lock an area.

Once I'm finished with this, I can simply save the form back to my local drive.Later on, I can upload the changes.

Now, something to keep in mind.

If someone were to attempt to go back into operating expenses, in this case on the web front-end, and attemptto update the New York 2019 budget for accounting, the system will actually give them a blocking error — it will even tell them who's blocking them — until I return from my offline session.Ending the offline session couldn't be easier.

Once I log back onto the network, all I need to do is open up that form one more time.Automatically, CCH Tagetik asks you, “do you wish to end your offline session?” Then, it automatically asks, “Do you want to save your modifications?”Now, the modifications have been saved, and the offline session has ended.

As a final step, once it's been updated, when I go to close the form,it will ask if I wish to return to offline mode.

As you can see, working offline in CCH Tagetik is not only intelligent but intuitive.
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