Expert guidance on multijurisdictional tax topics to support your international tax practice

Offering well-known and trusted brands such as CCH, Aspen Publishers, and Kluwer International, Cheetah for Tax Law’s International Tax Suite provides the richest, most in-depth, legal tax content available and covers over 270 countries.

Expert analysis and practice tools

Our editors and leading practitioners provide practical guidance on the impact of the law. Additionally, there are many practice tools to choose from, including Tax Treaty Withholding Rate Decision Tool and Permanent Establishment Smart Charts that allow researchers to find and compare bilateral tax treaties of several countries in one convenient chart. 

Cheetah International Tax Law Product Information

Governmental content

Over 270 countries and regions are represented throughout our international tax law suite. Our U.S. Tax Treaties Reporter includes U.S. bilateral income, estate and gift, shipping and aircraft tax, tax information exchange (TIEAs), competent authority, and social security agreements, treaties, protocols, associated diplomatic notes and much more. This comprehensive collection of pending, in-force, and terminated treaty documents are all arranged
by country. Our World Tax Treaties Reporter has country-to country income tax treaties and related documents. 

Current awareness

Stay on top of the latest developments in taxation with Tax Tracker News, the daily email news that practitioners can customize to see only the news they need. Our most popular titles are: Global Daily Tax News,Intertax, EU Tax Review, and International Tax Journal.

Training & Support

Wolters Kluwer offers a full range of training, from online videos to custom training.

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