Advanced technology to advance your securities law workflow

Securities law is complex.  Ensuring accuracy does not need to be.  Our Transactional Law Suite includes products to streamline your securities workflow and help you better advise your clients.  Learn more about the products in this suite below.

M&A Deals on RBsourceFilings®: Streamline and optimize the M&A drafting process

  • Powerful search and browse tools guide you to on point language from a database of Merger, Asset Purchase, and Stock Purchase agreements and over 800,000 individual clauses.
  • Expertly prepared practical guidance, such as elements of the clause, drafting considerations, and intent of the clause, are shown alongside individual clauses, enhancing your understanding at the point of need.
  • Focus your search on deal participants representing Target or Acquirer, including Law Firm, Financial Advisor, Industry, or Company

Full text searching and clause comparison tools

  • Use Full Text search to locate agreements with specific deal language in key industries, or where a particular law firm has represented the Acquirer or the Target.
  • Select up to six clauses and view them side-by-side. Paste in your own clause and get a redline to any clause in the database in a single step.

RBsourceFilings: optimize your SEC research

  • Links to associated content and Point-in-Time redlines boost the efficiency and accuracy of rule checking
  • Topical organization with integrated, related content on rules, regulations, forms and SEC guidance
  • Stay current with updated content notifications
  • Easy search and instant web access

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Now Completely Redesigned and Available through RBsourceFilings

IPO Vital Signs: Answer Critical Questions Faster

Rely on IPO Vital Signs for authoritative and unbiased information on which to base key decisions throughout the IPO process.

  • Comprehensive: Over 200 individual data points on IPOs dating back to 1998 are gathered, analyzed and stored in IPO Vital Signs.
  • Intuitive: Navigate to related data through related vital signs and drilldown on key statistics for greater detail.
  • Mobile: Updated daily- available anywhere, anytime on any device.

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SEC Filings Document Retrieval and Research: Non-EDGAR and Pre-EDGAR Archive

Researchers can quickly retrieve a wide range of non-EDGAR and pre-EDGAR archival filings at competitive rates. Our resources include:

  • In-house microfiche library of over 4 million SEC filings on paper since 1979
  • Ability to quickly prepare PDFs from paper filings and send via e-mail

To contact an SEC Research Specialist call 800-955-5219

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Wolters Kluwer offers a full range of training; from online videos to custom training.

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