Ovid® Synthesis Clinical Evidence Manager is a workflow solution for clinical practice improvements. It’s imperative to have a workflow solution that meets the needs of your facility. Download the free case study now to learn how a hospital was able to expedite its “Reducing CAUTI Rate” QI project using Ovid® Synthesis Clinical Evidence Manager.

The challenge:

A hospital’s infection rate for foley catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) in patients, including ICU patients, was 5% for the final six months of 2020 — above the 50th percentile nationally. As a result, a QI team launched a project to determine the considerations for a nurse-driven protocol for the earliest removal of inpatient foley catheters … but had no idea if such protocols existed and needed an efficient way to organize and simplify its project.

The solution: Ovid® Synthesis Clinical Evidence Manager

The QI team decided to use Ovid® Synthesis Clinical Evidence Manager because it was easy to access and learn, centralized its QI project, and eliminated separate workstreams. In addition, it monitored every step on the project dashboard, enabled commentary through every stage, allowed searching without leaving the application, and automatically managed citations and the research summary.

The results:

Using multiple export formats, the QI team easily communicated that numerous small studies demonstrated 40% to 80% reductions in CAUTI. With the evidence revealing that CAUTI drives considerable patient harm and leads to higher costs, the team recommended engaging the entire nursing and medical staff in the hospital’s ICUs and medical-surgical areas to develop a nurse-driven foley catheter removal protocol to improve results immediately.

Download the case study to learn how Ovid® Synthesis Clinical Evidence Manager can improve your QI projects.
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