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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW)
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Ovid’s Evidence-Based Health Collection (EBHC) brings together a collection of evidence-based content resources to guide clinical decisions and patient care.

Ovid’s Evidence-Based Health Collection (EBHC) brings together a useful and distinct collection of evidence-based content resources to provide clinicians, students and researchers access to the best available scientific information to guide clinical decisions and patient care.

Kleijnen Systematic Reviews Ltd (KSR Evidence)

The KSR Evidence database includes systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and certain health technology assessment (HTA) reports published since 2015 and currently contains over 25,000 critical appraisals and over 200,000 systematic reviews.

KSR Evidence has been developed with the aim of helping users make sense of the ever-increasing volume and complexity of evidence, and provides a user-friendly, time-efficient way to access systematic reviews in healthcare.

ECRI Guidelines Trust® (EGT)

EGT is a comprehensive collection of evidence-based clinical practice guideline content, providing summaries and appraisals (TRUST Scorecards) of guidelines developed from systematic reviews. ECRI’s TRUST Scorecards identify how the guidelines adhere to the National Academy of Medicine (Institute of Medicine) standards for trustworthiness.

Evidence-Based Practice – FPIN (Family Physicians Inquiries Network)

Evidence-Based Practice, a monthly journal focused on providing answers to some of the most important and common questions derived from patient care experiences and the newest practice changing medical literature.
Each issue includes collaborative content from practicing physicians, PharmDs, and behavioral health clinicians based on the best and/or most current evidence. Each meaningful, bite-sized article found in EBP aims at helping primary care clinicians and medical educators across the world become more effective in understanding and applying evidence-based medicine.

Lippincott® Nursing Solutions Guideline Summaries

Lippincott Solution’s team of clinical experts have reviewed, condensed, and extracted key information from lengthy practice guidelines and put them into streamlined, comprehensive guideline summaries. Use these guideline summaries to stay up-to-date on current recommendations supported by the latest evidence. Putting these guidelines into practice is instrumental in providing optimal care and improving patient outcomes.

Lippincott Nursing Guideline Summaries are closing the gap between interpretation and implementation of practice guidelines so healthcare providers have the most updated, essential information they need with these authoritative, evidence-based guideline summaries, saving healthcare providers much-needed time and energy reading and allowing these guidelines to be put into practice sooner.

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW)
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