Medknow collaborates with medical institutions, hospitals, and universities, offering them our expertise in publishing and disseminating medical knowledge

Medknow is a global player in scholarly open-access publishing and one of the largest Open Access publishing services providers. We publish nearly 500 medical journals in partnership with more than 450 esteemed international societies and associations.

Our services support our partner societies and associations to publish their respective journals with best-in-class platforms.

Our primary focus is to help healthcare professionals, researchers, and academics in their pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and improved patient care. Additionally, we extend our services to medical students, assisting them in their educational journey and research endeavors. Through our platform, we aim to empower and support the entire healthcare community in their mission to enhance healthcare delivery and advance medical science.

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Online manuscript system

We use our own bespoke online manuscript submission and peer review system. Our international authors have used this system for more than 18 years.


Your journal website

Each journal has its own dedicated website hosted on the LWW eJP platform, thus enabling medical professionals across the world to engage with the content in an efficient manner.

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Enabling open access

We are the largest international open-access publisher to offer widespread free submission, processing, and publication of articles.

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Easy dissemination of knowledge

All journals use the OpenURL standard, making it easy for libraries to link users directly from citations to the full text of the article.

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Global reach

We are the largest international open-access publisher to offer widespread free submission, processing, and publication of articles.

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Post-publication services

We have excellent working relationships with major bibliographic, subscription, and secondary aggregating agencies and search engines.

"A leading global publishing services provider of peer-reviewed scholarly open access journals."

- Medknow customer

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Experience and expertise

Medknow has been in existence for over 2 decades and currently publishes 480+ high-quality journals both in online and print plus online formats.

Medknow, a division of Wolters Kluwer, is a global pioneer in scholarly, open-access publishing. We, as a company, are one of the largest open-access publishing service providers on an international scale. We have published more than 460 medical journals in partnership with over 415 esteemed international associations and societies.

Essentially, our bunch of services focus on helping with the publishing and amplification of peer-reviewed, online, and print-plus-online journals in medicine, on behalf of our partner learned societies and associations.

The prime focus area of our service band revolves around emerging markets. To that end, we’ve been rapidly growing our journal portfolio with publishing partnerships in China, the Middle East, and other prominent growth markets.

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