Substantiate the Clinical Efficacy of Your Product

Commercial journal reprints of clinical trials, reviews, and other journal content provide the scientific evidence that establishes your product's benefits. They provide the vital information healthcare professionals need to make recommendations for the patients they see every day.

  • Digital Reprints (ePrints)

    Deliver the same journal content in electronic form and offer the added benefit of controlling and tracking the content. Leverage digital media to provide healthcare professionals with critical content from the journals they know and trust. Embed an ePrint link into your advertising, share during a detailing call or email your licensed PDF directly to healthcare professionals.

  • Hard-copy Reprints

    Hard-copy reprints provide a credible leave-behind with staying power. Healthcare professionals read them, share them with colleagues, discuss them with patients, and save them for future reference. Leave behind after your sales force detail, distribute at your conference or meeting booth or polybag alongside journal subscriber copies.

  • Promoted Research Program

    Increase readership of your select articles through our strategic multitouch campaign which includes:

    • Links in the Promoted Research Tool visible at the top of every page on relevant websites across the highly regarded Lippincott network.
    • Link to your articles within eTOCs which alert our subscribers of upcoming print and online-only articles.
    • Additional targeted drivers based on your needs.
Reprints Portal
Need article reprints? Check out our Reprints Portal!

We've made it easier than ever before to find the right article for your marketing campaigns, sales force details, and conference booth kits. Our Reprints Portal gives you access to thousands of highly-cited and impactful articles from our Lippincott and Medknow database of journals and books.

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