Understanding medication safety as only dentists can

Dentistry is a unique field with specific challenges, treatments, and requirements. Why should you have to rely on references geared for physicians or pharmacists to help you enhance patient safety, reduce medication errors, and improve efficiency in your practice?

Lexicomp for dentistry provides industry-leading reference information and screening tools to help answer your prescribing, diagnosis, and treatment questions. With dental-specific pharmacology information on over 8,000 prescription drugs, OTCs, and natural products — plus exclusive tools like our state-of-the-art lesion diagnosis aid and e-Prescribe component — Lexicomp has what you need to keep your patients safe.

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Dental-specific content

Relevant monographs include dental-specific fields like Local Anesthetic/Vasoconstrictor Precautions, Effects on Dental Treatment, and Dental Dosing

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First dental ePrescribe tool

Lexicomp ePrescribe enables dentists to create and send prescriptions, including controlled substances, electronically to retail and mail order pharmacies.

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Drug interactions screening

Embedded dental decision support alerts warn you of potential medication errors such as drug interactions, drug allergies and possible inappropriate dosages

“I have been practicing over 30 years, and when it comes to patient care and safety, there is no compromise.  I use Lexicomp routinely, especially when I need to know what my patient’s medications are and how that may affect my treatment planning, referring protocols, and sedation approach. There is no substitute.”

- Brad Ross, DDS, San Diego, CA

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With Lexicomp dental solutions, you benefit from key dental pharmacology information, drug interaction screening, alerts to let you know how a patient’s medications may adversely affect dental treatment, and an oral cancer diagnostic tool to compare oral lesions against. Our ePrescribe solution brings together medication safety and clinical diagnosis tools – all in one place – to help enhance patient safety without interrupting your prescribing workflow. Explore our Lexicomp dental products to find the right solution for you.
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