Understanding medication safety as only dentists can

Dentistry is a unique field with specific challenges, treatments, and requirements. Why should you have to rely on references geared for physicians or pharmacists to help you enhance patient safety, reduce medication errors, and improve efficiency in your practice?

Lexicomp makes dental professionals a priority with drug information references, decision support tools, and e-prescribing solutions crafted especially for dentistry. We offer dental-specific content that cannot be found in the vast majority of other drug and clinical decision support solutions.

Why Lexicomp for dentistry?

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  • A sense of security
  • Extra confidence with medication checks
  • No substitute
The sense of secure confidence that I am able to provide the safest, most effective prescriptions, minimizing drug interactions or risks to medically compromised patients in a continually shifting information landscape, is well worth the subscription price of Lexicomp.
Jack Fingrut, DDS
With so many patients being on so many meds these days—many times new, unknown meds to me—I feel like Lexicomp really covers my back end and keeps me, and more importantly my patients, out of trouble.
Donald S. Bland, DDS
I have been practicing over 30 years, and when it comes to patient care and safety, there is no compromise.  I use Lexicomp routinely, especially when I need to know what my patient’s medications are and how that may affect my treatment planning, referring protocols, and sedation approach. There is no substitute.
Brad Ross, DDS