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Given the pace of regulatory change, compliance risks are rapidly increasing for healthcare organizations. Add ongoing industry changes, mergers and acquisitions, skyrocketing costs, and vulnerability of emerging technology, and you have a perfect storm—and a perfect case for making dramatic changes to your approach to governance, risk, and compliance management. That’s where we come in. We provide up-to-date information and expert-designed tools to help you make informed decisions, manage regulatory risks, and ultimately, help facilitate the success of your organization.

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Our compliance solutions draw upon industry-leading healthcare information and expertise to support your GRC program down to the point-of-care—regardless of size or complexity.

Whether you need primary source content to develop and support your policies, procedures, and documentation, or tools with embedded guidance content to assess your risk in real time, or a complete workflow solution that allows you to manage and report on all seven elements of your compliance program, we can configure a solution to fit your needs.

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