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Regulatory changes, legal developments, and economic events are constantly presenting new challenges to the securities law practitioner—on almost a daily basis. Our suite of research tools and up-to-date analyses provide all the information you need to stay current and navigate the complex maze of securities laws and regulations. As the professional’s choice for trusted resources and compliance information for over four generations, we provide all the information you need to advise your clients and guide them through all forms of corporate and securities transactions.

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Financial reporting is an area that allows you to break down enormously complicated dealings into understandable nuggets for the jury. When you do that, the truth emerges.
Michael R. Young
Michael R Young
I have devoted my academic career to securities regulation because of my belief that the full disclosure system represents a third way of supervising markets – neither as intrusive as agencies that regulate prices and entry nor subject to the volatility of a totally unregulated system.
Joel Seligman
Joel Seligman
Serving as a business counselor to my clients, and having the opportunity to develop and implement strategic plans with boards of directors and management teams that know what they want is really gratifying. “Perhaps most importantly, I really enjoy being “a closer” – helping management teams take an idea, formulate a plan, and make it happen together.
Cynthia Krus
Cynthia Krus
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