2023 Key Trends in Competition Law and Policy

Wolters Kluwer is pleased to present a compendium of the main developments in competition law and policy in 2023. This year's edition covers a wide range of cases and developments from 30 different jurisdictions across the globe.

The 2023 compendium highlights several key trends that have shaped competition enforcement and policy over the past year. These include the continued focus on digital markets and new competition law tools, with competition authorities actively regulating and amending national laws to address competition concerns in this sector. Additionally, the compendium reflects the need to rethink antitrust in light of sustainability and energy supply challenges, as well as the growing importance of private enforcement at the national level.

The series is a continuation of the yearly compendium of current developments in competition law and policy, hosted by the Kluwer Competition Law Blog since 2020. This year, the number of jurisdictions covered has been further extended. Each jurisdiction is covered by renowned legal experts in competition law from the respective region.

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Compendium  of Main Developments in Competition Law and Policy 2023

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