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The Data Interoperability Solution harmonizes structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data and clinical concepts to industry standards, enabling true semantic interoperability. Comprised of our foundational terminology and coding expertise, sophisticated software tools, and advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, this solution is designed to help support your healthcare organization with any data governance or data normalization need.


Streamlined data governance processes

Ensure the 650+ annual standards bodies-authored healthcare content updates are quickly and easily adopted across your organization.


Consistent and reliable semantic interoperability

Author and normalize data and clinical concepts from multiple sources, formats, and technologies to industry standards.


Easy enterprise integration and maintenance

Integrate data via Health Language runtime APIs or flat files representing each data set in a common data format.


Advanced mapping accuracy with clinical support

Our team of clinical experts supports your customized platform integration needs, ensuring it’s optimized for enhanced collaboration and efficiency.

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Adhere to 21st Century Cures Act requirements

Standardize structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data to facilitate the access and exchange of electronic health information.


One, comprehensive data management platform

Create proprietary terminology, map non-standard data, create population cohorts, and integrate impact reporting, so you can quickly update the local data.

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2M+ member health plan realized 75% efficiency improvement in data governance processes
90% reduction in time to process code updates, cutting processing time from six to eight weeks to just a few hours.

Support enterprise data governance and normalize health data for quality and analytics

Maintain the latest USCDI standards

Our team of clinical coding experts monitors activity from the standards bodies to ensure our clients have access to the latest codes as quickly as possible. Synonyms, attributes, maps, and refinements are all completed before releasing the new content for use at client organizations. So your team has the appropriate time to review and QA before the required go-live date.

Create and model enterprise healthcare data

The Modeler tool is a browser-based application that allows users to model local healthcare data for use across the organization. Extend standardized content like SNOMED CT and ICD-10-CM by creating and defining properties, property types, terms, validity dates, and parenting. And manage your local, customized terminology alongside standard content.

Explore and search healthcare codes

The Code Explorer tool is a browser-based application with a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily search over 185+ standard or proprietary terms. Find the correct code quickly, even when searching by synonyms, acronyms, abbreviations, descriptions, or misspellings.

Map data to standard healthcare terminologies

The Map Manager tool is a browser-based application that allows users to create, modify, manage, and map local and standard content such as, LOINC, CPT, SNOMED CT, RxNorm, ICD-9/ICD-10, and others. Accelerate the mapping and review process, while maintaining content versioning and audit trails through visual dashboards. Integrate seamlessly using RESTful API web services.

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