Health Language Provider solutions combines curated data, advanced software, and expert services to ensure your organization has the most accurate foundation of data needed to support clinicians and improve patient outcomes.  

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Establish a Single Source of Truth


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Enable Semantic Interoperability


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Increase Clinician Satisfaction


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Maximize Reimbursement

Data Quality Solutions for Providers

Reference Data Management 

Centralized and manages clinical, claims, and business data to establish a single source of truth for accurate, updated reference data across your enterprise, simplify the data governance of managing the data, and increase operational efficiencies of maintaining the data across your organization. 

Interoperability and Data Normalization 

Builds a foundation of normalized data by mapping disparate clinical and claims data to the appropriate, industry recognized standard to empower enterprise initiatives that improve patient outcomes and enhance performance.

Clinical Interface Terminology 

Allows clinicians to search and document problems and diagnoses using their common clinician language at the point of care. We recognize and support provider friendly terminology and map it to industry standards to empower decision support tools, and support reimbursement, compliance and reporting. 

Clinical Natural Language Processing 

Efficiently review and extract clinically relevant insights from the unstructured data sources within a patient’s medical record in order to form a more comprehensive and accurate view of a patient’s health.  
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