HealthDecember 13, 2018

Wolters Kluwer partners with ACHNE to advance community and public health research by nurse educators

Wolters Kluwer, Health announced today it will be awarding a grant together with the Association of Community Health Nursing Educators (ACHNE) to support community and public health educational research. The grant, to be awarded to a nurse educator, comes at a time when healthcare is increasingly taking place outside the acute care setting, requiring educators to strengthen their instruction in population-level healthcare and develop their nursing students’ ability to manage complex chronic conditions.

“There is a growing emphasis on tailoring nursing education to better equip graduates to practice in the community,” said ACHNE President Pamela F. Levin, PhD, PHNA-BC, Professor of Community, Systems & Mental Health Nursing at Rush University’s College of Nursing. “Wolters Kluwer’s sponsorship of this grant showcases the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering the evidence-based tools and practices today’s nursing students will need to be better prepared to practice in the healthcare of tomorrow.”

The call for grant proposals will open on December 12 and will officially be awarded in June 2019 at ACHNE’s 41st Annual Institute. The $3,000 grant will be facilitated by ACHNE’s Research Committee Chair, Dr. Ann Stalter, through the organization’s annual Small Grant Award process.

“We’re delighted to partner with the ACHNE to equip new nurses with the knowledge and skillsets needed to practice in community healthcare and other outpatient settings,” said Cathy Wolfe, President and CEO, Health Learning, Research and Practice, Wolters Kluwer. “As nurses take on more roles in response to today’s increasing complex healthcare environment, we hope this grant will support a more concerted effort in public health education.

For more information on the grant, please contact Dr. Ann Stalter at [email protected].

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