LegalDecember 13, 2019

Wolters Kluwer launches Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus to provide enhanced support throughout the arbitration process

The new digital module within Kluwer Arbitration addresses the most pressing and challenging issues in international arbitration.

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. today announced the launch of Kluwer Arbitration Practice Plus (KAPP), a new module for Kluwer Arbitration that provides support throughout the different stages of the arbitration process.

KAPP is an add-on module to Kluwer Arbitration, the world’s leading research solution for international arbitration. Based on the most pressing and challenging issues in international arbitration, KAPP provides practical tools and actionable guidance for legal professionals. The solution offers step-by-step guidance, comparative tools and reliable answers to help legal professionals minimize risk, make informed decisions quickly and develop a sound arbitration strategy. With this new KAPP module as a complement to Kluwer Arbitration, users will have access to an unmatched arbitration solution that combines Kluwer Arbitration’s market leading content with a wide range of actionable tools in a single platform.

“Our mission is to continue evolving Kluwer Arbitration to keep pace with the developments in the area and to maintain high quality of the service,” said David Bartolone, Vice President and General Manager of Kluwer Law International at Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. “We believe that KAPP, which is designed to help our customers achieve better outcomes, is the way forward in order to ensure the continued success of our customers.”

KAPP supports a number of functions throughout the arbitration process, including:

  • Finding, appointing or challenging arbitrators and minimizing all associated risks
  • Giving reliable answers and guidance under time pressure to most important, pressing or challenging issues
  • Raising red flags and highlighting high impact factors to mitigate the risk and develop the right strategy 
  • Reviewing editable forms, applications and letters that minimize the risk of missing elements
  • Recognizing and comparing the nuances and differences of jurisdictional and institutional rules and approaches
  • Understanding non-standard issues and jurisdictions

Kluwer Law International is the leading provider of English-language cross-border legal information and in-depth solutions for the global business and academic communities, providing leading content and practice tools on aspects of law that impact international commercial transactions.

Learn more about KAPP.

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