LegalApril 20, 2017

Wolters Kluwer launches Cybersecurity & Privacy Law Suite

Authoritative, accurate, timely analysis and tools to help attorneys navigate the complexities of this quickly evolving legal and regulatory environment.

Amid growing concerns surrounding cybersecurity and the protection of private electronic data, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. today announced the launch of its new Cybersecurity & Privacy Law Suite.

Available on Cheetah™, Wolters Kluwer's market-leading legal research platform, the Suite provides access to a vast range of content and tools to streamline navigation of the complex legal and regulatory environment of cybersecurity and electronic privacy.

“Cybersecurity and privacy law has fully arrived as an important, distinctive specialization,” said Dean Sonderegger, Vice President & General Manager, Legal Markets & Innovation. “This Suite will help professionals across many practice areas and industries to cultivate a sophisticated understanding of the latest developments within the regulatory environment that governs these issues.”

Key differentiating features of the Suite include:

  • Integrating content through Cheetah™, the Suite gathers content related to cybersecurity and privacy across all of Wolters Kluwer's practice area content;
  • Access to the Cybersecurity Policy Report, a weekly newsletter reporting on legislation, regulation, and policy rulings. Providing "early warning" coverage of policy developments, such as regulations as they are being proposed and legislation as it being drafted;
  • Wolters Kluwer Smart Charts™, to quickly and efficiently research, compare and contrast cybersecurity and privacy laws currently prevailing in different states and foreign countries. These will make comparative research - for national and international cybersecurity and privacy law - easier than ever before;
  • Expert guidance from leading authorities on the increasingly complex framework of regulatory expectations around cybersecurity and privacy. Includes: Privacy and Cybersecurity Law Deskbook by Lisa Sotto and Global Privacy and Security Law by Francoise Gilbert.

To learn more about Wolters Kluwer's Cybersecurity & Privacy Law Suite, visit:

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