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Wolters Kluwer Defined Benefit Plan Expert to Speak at the 2022 ASEA Actuarial Symposium

New York, NY — August 4, 2022 — Charles Brown, Actuarial Director of at Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S., will speak at this year’s ASEA Actuarial Symposium in a session titled “Takeover Plans.” The conference will take place August 5-6 in Chicago, with events starting at 8:00 AM CT.

Brown, who has over twenty years of industry experience and is a frequent contributor on ASEA webcasts, will lead a session on the importance and process of takeover plans, professional obligations, protecting one’s clients, and more. He will also explore real-life situations and best practices for successful takeover plans. Brown’s session will take place at 2:30pm CT on August 5.

“Defined benefit plan takeovers are a critical factor in retirement plan administration, and it is important for retirement plan service providers to understand how to effectively prepare for them to provide the best possible outcomes for their clients,” said Brown. “I look forward to discussing this complex topic with the audience and hearing feedback from their own experiences.”

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As a sponsor for ASEA Actuarial Symposium, Wolters Kluwer will showcase’s recent enhancements to its Defined Benefit Compliance software at the show.

 The ASEA Actuarial Symposium is designed for pension actuaries and professionals who are concerned about the impact of recent regulations. The sessions are geared specifically toward issues affecting actuaries in the pension field.

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