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LegalFebruary 14, 2022

Wolters Kluwer CT Corporation webinar to review legislative updates in Delaware

The webinar will explore changes to franchise taxes and reporting obligations in the most popular incorporation state

Many businesses are undoubtedly aware of Delaware’s status as the most popular incorporation state in the U.S. – however, in-house counsel and law firm attorneys may have a more difficult time tracking the critical details they need to keep clients in good standing. To help legal professionals stay abreast of all the latest developments to Delaware’s incorporation laws and requirements, Wolters Kluwer CT Corporation will host a webinar – “The 2022 Delaware Update” – on February 16 at 1 PM ET.

CT Corporation experts Alan Stachura, Senior Manager, Government Relations, and Lydia Duynstee, Transactional Business Consultant, will conduct a “year in review” of pending and future legislation that may impact attorneys servicing clients who are incorporated in Delaware. Topics will include changes to franchise taxes and annual report obligations, key deadlines, form updates and the status of the state’s IT initiatives. The latest installment of CT Corporation’s annual reference book “Delaware’s Business Entity Laws” will also be highlighted.

“Delaware is the corporate home to many of our clients.  Accordingly, it is critical that we help them stay current with changes to Delaware’s laws and regulations,” said John Weber, President and CEO, CT Corporation. “Our solutions and resources ensure that our clients have the expert content, software and services needed to stay compliant.”

Stachura acts as a liaison between CT Corporation and the governments of the Eastern U.S. states, and has also developed a new training curriculum to help educate clients on the process of incorporating in Delaware. In his former role as CT Corporation’s Senior Manager of the Delaware Fulfillment office, he supervised the completion of Delaware orders for nine service teams operating across the country.

Duynstee works as a consultant for CT Corporation’s West Coast law firm and corporate clients, helping to develop strategies and solutions for corporate compliance issues. A subject matter expert on the Uniform Commercial Code – a robust set of laws that govern all commercial transactions in the U.S. -  she also provides continuing legal education training to corporations and law firms.

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