LegalJune 06, 2018

Wolters Kluwer brings near real-time alerts to its AI-powered federal developments knowledge center

The tool, which offers first-of-its-kind insight and analysis on proposed legislation and rules, now features alerts for proposed and final agency rules and presidential actions.

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. announced today the introduction of near real-time and daily alerts to its highly regarded Federal Developments Knowledge Center. By combining alerts for agency rules and presidential actions with existing predictive analytics capabilities, Federal Developments Knowledge Center provides legal professionals with a powerful tool and superior foresight to best serve their clients’ interests.

Federal Developments Knowledge Center, designed to keep legal professionals current on the latest legislation and regulations, includes powerful predictive analytics developed in collaboration with Skopos Labs Inc., a software company specializing in predictive analytics. The powerful technology enables practitioners to predict the likelihood of bills becoming law. With the introduction of new alerting features, users can receive near real-time or daily email alerts sent directly to their inbox.

“Agency rules and presidential actions have the potential to dramatically change the legal framework - and with more than 6,300 agency proposed and final rules introduced since President Trump took office, keeping pace with these developments is immensely time-consuming for lawyers. Federal Developments Knowledge Center’s new alerting capabilities set out to change that,” said Jonathan Cape, Director of Innovation at Wolters Kluwer’s Legal Markets Group. “This is Wolters Kluwer’s latest move to merge our historic subject matter expertise and customer-centric development with new technologies in order to significantly improve attorneys’ workflow.”   

Federal Developments Knowledge Center alerts are:

  • Targeted: Attorneys can set alerts on proposed and final rules by agency or sub-agency and presidential actions by source (White House or Federal Register) to track developments most important to their practice. For instance, attorneys can choose to receive alerts specific to the USPTO, IRS or Department of Justice.
  • Timely: Federal Development Knowledge Center provides a single source for attorneys to sign up for near-real-time alerts from the and the
  • Customizable: Attorneys can combine keyword searches with agency, sub-agency or presidential action preferences to create focused alerts. 

In addition to its alerts and predictive analytics capabilities, key features and benefits of the Federal Developments Knowledge Center include:  

  • Key Developments SmartChart with alerts organized by practice area.
  • Summary and supporting analytics for bills that included similar bills from the 115th Congress as well as previous congressional sessions.
  • Near-real-time updates of all newly issued presidential actions, proposed and final rules.
  • Breaking news with rich analysis written by Wolters Kluwer’s expert attorney editors.
  • Quick access to relevant source documents from Congress, the White House, and the Federal Register.
  • Impact analysis on executive orders, presidential memoranda, proclamations, proposed legislation and enacted laws and proposed and final rules

To learn more about Federal Developments Knowledge Center or to sign up for a demo, visit:

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