CorporateHealthJuly 01, 2020

Wolters Kluwer assists customers during the coronavirus crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a massive impact globally. To help our customers navigate these unprecedented times, Wolters Kluwer immediately sprang into action by responding to their challenges. In an interview with one of the major Dutch dailies, De Telegraaf, Chief Strategy Officer, Atul Dubey, shared some of the hundred-plus initiatives related to coronavirus that Wolters Kluwer has launched. 

In another recent article in Harvard Business Review, our CEO Nancy McKinstry expressed her pride in how swiftly the company adapted to this new situation, while staying focused on helping customers make impact with our expert solutions. “Our agile organization has proven its ability to rapidly disseminate COVID-19 information and software solutions for customers in health care, legal, tax and accounting to help them navigate all the changes,” she said. 

The UpToDate service, which was quickly supplemented with COVID-19 related information, is used by 99% of hospitals in the Netherlands and by clinicians in almost 140 countries. The Lippincott Procedures products offered nurses the opportunity to refresh their knowledge, when they had to suddenly care for COVID-19 patients. 

Wolters Kluwer also provided assistance to other important groups of professionals during the pandemic. Examples of this include the Paycheck Protection Program supported by TSoftPlus software solution for bank employees in the U.S., which enabled them to quickly assess loan applications from medium-sized and smaller companies. In the Netherlands, Schulinck is a comparable product to ensure that applications for temporary benefit for self-employed persons on behalf of municipalities are completed correctly. 

Looking ahead, Dubey expects working from home will become more normal and this will have consequences for the company’s products and solutions. “Our products have to become even more digital and cloud-based, as colleagues from different locations should also be able to use them jointly,” he concludes. 

Read the original article here (in Dutch). 

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