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Wolters Kluwer adds TeamGuide Pro to its cloud-based TeamMate®+ global audit solution

New capabilities and on-demand guides help organizations automate onboarding and streamline change management.

Wolters Kluwer today announced the addition of TeamGuide Pro to its award-winning, cloud-based TeamMate+ global audit solution. This new capability enables organizations to automate onboarding, streamline change management, and maximize user adoption. The new TeamGuide Pro solution embeds guides into the TeamMate+ platform that can be used to train new audit staff or update existing employees on audit methodology changes.

“Audit organizations of all sizes struggle with change management. Smaller teams often lack the training budget, while larger teams have greater complexities such as staff rotations, higher turnover and frequent methodology changes,” said Jim Dunham, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Wolters Kluwer TeamMate.

The TeamGuide Pro in-app guides allow organizations to automate the onboarding or training process for auditors. The days of creating 100+ page guides are over. New auditors will now login to their audit management solution with a prompt that walks them through how to access their projects, execute based on the department’s methodology and follow the approved approval process.

Because the guides are embedded directly in the TeamMate+ solution, auditors don’t need to leave their audit workflow to access guidance on-demand and can access it as many times as they need, whenever they want. By personalizing the auditor experience with videos or walk-through guides that fit different learning needs, they can drive higher adoption and then track user activity KPIs like average login times to benchmark effectiveness of the training activities.

With TeamGuide Pro audit departments can:

  • Automate the onboarding process
  • Streamline change management of audit methodology
  • Minimize effort for ongoing training
  • Track user activity to understand training effectiveness and tool utilization

“By leveraging TeamMate+ with the new TeamGuide Pro capabilities, organizations can help increase pace of adoption among new hires and ensure staff can receive the training they need as audit methodology changes are implemented,” added Dunham.

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