FinanceJanuary 20, 2022

Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd. adopts CCH® Tagetik expert solution from Wolters Kluwer as budget and global management platform solution

CCH® Tagetik implemented to fulfill both global common requirements and individual site requirements on a single platform

Wolters Kluwer, a global leader in professional information, software solutions and services, today announced that Sekisui Medical Co., Ltd., has adopted CCH® Tagetik expert solution as a consolidated solution for both budget and global management. Sekisui Medical, a member of the Sekisui Chemical Group, offers products and services in fields such as diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and drug development. CCH® Tagetik has also been adopted by the North American branches of Sekisui Medical, where it is additionally used for sales management.

Prior to the introduction of CCH® Tagetik, one of the main challenges of Sekisui Medical was that the status of the business represented an intensely manual activity, as it was monitored through regular data collection on Excel. In addition, the company selected CCH® Tagetik with the aim of implementing a common platform for cost optimization and governance of data management rules.

As a unified platform, CCH® Tagetik enables Sekisui Medical to obtain consistent and up-to-date data at any level of granularity, broken down by business segment, for example. In addition to company-wide budget and KPI management, they have achieved centralized management of data at a finely detailed level, including product-specific PL and management of fixed costs, R&D expenses and staffing. Reporting capabilities of the CCH® Tagetik solution also make it easy to visualize information within the company. With the CCH® Tagetik solution, it is now possible for Sekisui Medical to maintain and analyze detailed centralized data by their nearly 30,000 items, by geographic region, by commercial distribution such as B2C or B2B, and by account item such as consolidated or detailed, enabling more advanced business management. None of this was possible with their previous system.

Sekisui Medical’s adoption of the CCH® Tagetik expert solution targets both global common requirements and individual site requirements on a single platform. Being able to realize the consolidation of budget control and global management at the Japanese headquarters, and the required individual budget control and sales planning in North America, all on the same CCH® Tagetik platform, Sekisui Medical can now benefit from a more seamless data management. Utilizing the workflow function of CCH® Tagetik, it is also possible to grasp the progress of, and streamline, the collection of data.

“We are delighted that Sekisui Medical has selected CCH® Tagetik. We believe that CCH® Tagetik unified platform will be used to its’ full potential by introducing it at each group company for companies that are active not only in Japan but also on a global level, such as Sekisui Medical” said Kumiko Minowa, General Manager, CCH® Tagetik Japan.  “By introducing a company-wide platform, we expect that Sekisui Medical will be able to further enhance management by making it possible to visualize comprehensive its indicators.”

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