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CorporateMarch 11, 2022

Nancy McKinstry gives prestigious EW Economics lecture

Our CEO, Nancy McKinstry, gave the fifth EW Economics lecture at the Rode Hoed in Amsterdam on Thursday 10 March. Before kicking off the speech in this old Dutch church, the full audience paid respect to the people of Ukraine.

“The fact I’m standing here before you today is something of a break with tradition”, Nancy said in her opening words. “I’m the first woman and the first non-Dutch person to have the privilege of delivering this lecture. I hope to offer you some fresh perspectives on a world that technology is changing at breakneck speed."

That gives us lots to talk about. From the trends changing the way professionals work, to trust and ethics in the use of technology. From the pandemic to an infodemic. From the relevance of technology for work, to its impact on the whole world. And also I hope you’ll appreciate my points of view around diversity, inclusiveness and belonging. Not just for society as a whole, but also very much for business. So, lots of topics to address about some urgent real-world challenges.”

Read the full lecture here.

Photo by Peter Hilz

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