CorporateOctober 07, 2022

Wolters Kluwer celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month: Juan Hidalgo

From September 15 to October 15, Americans observe Hispanic Heritage Month. In celebration, Wolters Kluwer has spotlighted the careers and stories of several of our Hispanic leaders whose heritage has influenced their contributions and furthered our culture of innovation.  

Juan Hidalgo — Sr. Director of Fulfillment Op, GRC — says his current position is easily the most challenging role he’s held in his career. A knowledgeable, focused, and innovative leader, Juan is constantly inspired by his team’s efforts to exceed their goals in the face of many challenges, including high growth, demanding customers, increasing fulfillment demand, and a growing team. “They rise to the challenge each and every day, come to work with a smile, and are ready to make sure our clients are getting their liens perfected accurately and on time. Working with my team inspires me daily to do my best to ensure they can do their jobs.”

Juan credits Jonathan Cape (mentor, friend, and sometimes boss) and Ann Roberson (friend and boss since 2018) with great advice for creating a large, stable base of knowledge and experience for successful work — and life. He supports his team members using the same wise words, encouraging them to,

Juan Hidalgo
“Learn as much as you can, challenge yourself, and learn and do new things. And find balance while taking time for yourself and your family. The problem solving will come far easier.”

Juan moved to the United States from Colombia with his parents in the 1980s, and he watched them build an incredibly successful life. They started new careers and made sure their kids had the right education and opportunities to succeed on their own. He celebrates his heritage with food, soccer, music, and family. It’s important to him to teach his culture to his kids — keep the language, use the language, and be part of the community. 

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